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From ’84 through ’94 I put out EXIT Magazine. From ’90 through ’00 I edited and art-directed Seconds Magazine. From ’00 through ’05 I was a contributing editor of Juxtapoz and the senior editor of Propaganda. From ’08 to ’10 I was a contributing editor of ArtSync. My work appeared on DEVO album covers and in Thrasher, Paper, Screw, Apocalypse Culture 2 and Semiotext(e). I edited Steven Blush's American Hardcore: A Tribal History on Feral House and Les Barany's Carnivora: The Dark Art Of The Automobile on Barany Books. I compiled and produced Cleopatra Records’ Goth/Industrial comp Black Sunshine: The Tampa Underground and Beyond, and a collection of druggy Pop songs reinterpreted by Easy Listening and Jazz artists circa ’66 through ’71, Easy Listening Acid Trip, which can be heard on my website. And, you'll find me credited with “album concept, ideas and inspiration” on Wendy Carlos' Tales Of Heaven & Hell Featuring A Clockwork Black (ESD). My books are: Exploding Hearts Exploding Stars (Norman Gosney Publications, 1992), The EXIT Collection (Tacit, 1998), .45 Dangerous Minds: The Most Intense Interviews from Seconds Magazine (with Steven Blush) (Creation, 2003), Art That Kills: A Panoramic Portrait Of Aesthetic Terrorism 1984-2001 (Creation, 2006), and The New Transsexuals: The Next Step In Human Evolution (PetrosIdeas, 2012).

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"George Petros' drawings are spirit and express much to me."
— Charles Manson

front back
front back
13ball 13 Ball Bomb
Colored pencil on paper
8.5 x 11, 2003
Emergence of Whatever
Marker on paper
8.5 x 11, 1983

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