Listen to an interview from the The Ground Zero radio show, in which Clyde Lewis interviews George Petros regarding Manson, race war & the future, December 4, 2014
A Souto Interview

Excerpt from an interview by Adel Souto, regarding my book The New Transsexuals, 2012


In this segment of the 2009 documentary H R GIGER REVEALED, GP reflects on Giger and his art.
More about the film and other participants at

Best of Both Worlds

"Best of Both Worlds" — Genesis P-Orridge, George Petros, and several Transsexual hustlers interviewed by Richard Metzger for the TV show Disinformation, 2001.

Zines on Fox News 1992

George Petros, Steven Blush and Ted Godfried interviewed by Fox News reporter Steve Powers regarding the underground zine scene. Aired on Fox 5 10 O'Clock News, New York, July 6, 1992


George Petros—Underground Art Q&A
in Creative Class Trumps Ruling Class, 2013