The Book Of The Fulfillment Of
The Revelation To Saint John The Divine
(The Anti-Apocalypse)
by George Petros

Reading by the author, November 29, 1985

(1) The Revelation to Saint John the Divine, which the Lord God Almighty gave unto Him, and which was shown by Him in The Book of the Apocalypse, has been Fulfilled, and the events thereof have become History. (2) This is given unto the servants of Jesus Christ, that They may know what has come before Them, and what Their ancestors knew. (3) Look upon these Words flowing through Time as your own Blood flows through your Self.


I. (1) Peace and Love to the Six True Churches of the Earth Everlasting from Jesus Christ, First and Second Son of the Lord God Almighty.

II. (1) He has instructed me to present this account of the Old Nations.

III. (1) To show the Fulfillment of The Revelation To Saint John The Divine as given in The Book Of The Apocalypse.

IV. (1) Jesus Christ has given Me this account of the Children of Zion, who looked away from Him; They were put to Devastation under the False Church.

V. (1) To the True Church in Russia: eternal life through the Body of Jesus Christ.

VI. (1) To the True Church of Afrika: eternal life through the Body of Jesus Christ.

VII. (1) To the True Church in Amerika: eternal life through the Body of Jesus Christ.

VIII. (1) To the True Church in Chinasia: eternal life through the Body of Jesus Christ.

IX. (1) To the True Church in Brasilia: eternal life through the Body of Jesus Christ.

X. (1) To the True Church in India: eternal life through the Body of Jesus Christ.


I. (1) When the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ was put to the Crucifix, a veil of darkness came upon the Nations of he Earth Everlasting. (2) The riches of Jews and Gentiles were eaten away by dogs, which were in turn eaten by vultures.

II. (1) In that dark time the Children of Zion looked away from Jesus Christ. (2) They failed to acknowledge the horrible suffering that He bore. (3) Heaven witnessed a time when the Old Nations took vengeance upon the Jews for Their abandonment of Jesus Christ.

III. (1) The power which had been Jesus Christ on the Earth Everlasting echoed across the early era. (2) Romans, who controlled the physical area of the reverberation, were threatened by this new cleansing, for their own power was dirty. (3) They began the Devastation upon the Children of Zion. (4) From that fire only the fastest escaped.

IV. (1) The nations learned, in time, about the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation He offered through His suffering. (2) A False Church arose, based upon the manipulation of Power and Life. (3) Money poured like an unending torrent into the False Church, and the Nations were further impoverished. (4) And This became the instrument of the Jews’ Devastation, under the banner of Their own King.

V. (1) The power of the False Church spread. (2) Jews escaping the Devastation were tolerated for Their skills with Money and Science. (3) They were unpersons.

VI. (1) The Power of Mind captured bodies and Souls of the Gentiles. (2) Their viciousness was weakness screaming. (3) The Children of Zion fanned the terrible flames of this fire. (4) Thus they took the Whip which beat Them, to beat Themselves.

VII. (1) There was an eventual psychological improvement of the False Church, led by their faith in the Earth Everlasting, not by their Leaders. (2) The False Church held up the image of Jesus Christ yet it possessed none of the Souls He had Chosen.

VIII. (1) The Devastation was a rapid succession of tragedies. (2) Plague chasing plague through the halls of time, War consuming entire generations: Syria, Rome, Spain, Russia, France, {Germany}, Amerika.

IX. (1) The Jews and the Gentiles abandoned Themselves to the realm of the senses; to Science, Magic, Money, Astrology, Miscegenation, Obesity, and Intoxication.

X. (1) Jews mixed with Gentiles, bringing many dark Souls into that realm. (2) The False Church brought new hatred to the Jews, and it brought Them Hitler.


I. (1) Again there was in Heaven a great battle, which was not known to Humans, and a second Angel was cast down out of Grace. (2) And He joined His Brother Satan Almighty, and was shown the dark side of Human time on Earth.

II. (1) The second Angel was called by Humans as Adolf Hitler the Evil One. (2) He went to the Nation of {Germany}, and brought it Wealth and Power. (3) The False Church there embraced Him, and gave Him Science.

III. (1) And Adolph Hitler cast every second Jew out of {Germany}, and the rest were made to lie down, and had Their Flesh burned; and the number of Their labor was burned upon Their Bodies. (2) They were made to bear stars.

IV. (1) The other Nations turned away, and They were without spirit. (2) Adolf Hitler again cast out every second Jew, and the rest were made to lie down, and had their hands cut off.

V. (1) The other Nations turned away. (2) Adolf Hitler again cast out every second Jew, and those remaining were made to lie down, and had Their feet cut off.

VI. (1) And still the Children of Zion did not turn to Their King, Jesus Christ Almighty. (2) Adolf Hitler the Evil One caused an awful gas to rise up from the Earth Everlasting, and all but Six died.

VII. (1) The greedy Nations took War to {Germany}, and went to feast on the weakened economy. (2) The False Church split into two parts.

VIII. (1) Adolf Hitler the Evil One brought down the first Holocaust. (2) The Lord Jesus Christ could not abandon Them. (3) He caused the very Spirit of Matter to be unleashed against Adolf Hitler. (4) Adolf Hitler was killed by Albert Einstein the Chosen One with much violence, and was mutilated, and His remains were given to the wild animals, and those who ate of Him died terrible Deaths.

IX. (1) The Jews outside of the wrecked nation of {Germany} were spared from Death. (2) The Six remaining in {Germany} were given wisdom and knowledge.

X. (1) When the Flesh of the man Adolf Hitler was torn, the infernal Angel within rose, and went up into Hell with His Brother Satan Almighty. (2) And They cursed Jesus Christ.


I. (1) After the defeat of the evil Hitler, the Jews took Their place in the greed of Nations. (2) They took great wealth from Their former oppressors. (3) From Their most ancient oppressor They took back their land: Israel.

II. (1) All the Nations were weary, and tired from the War. (2) The Gentiles were made to face the image of the Evil Hitler, and to say His name in vain. (3) And their former Slaves were made to rise from their silence, and acted as legions to insure the blasphemy. (4) Soon the Gentiles spoke of the evil Hitler with one voice, and false Peace ensued.

III. (1) The Six inhabited the houses of those who had cursed Them, and slept with the wives of those who had murdered Them.

IV. (1) Great tribulations found the Gentiles, and their Races and numbers withered, while their former Slaves flowered, and multiplied, as they were told to do.

V. (1) The former Slaves came down upon the Gentiles, and cursed them for Adolf Hitler. (2) They broadcast with Science Their denial of Jesus Christ Their King.

VI. (1) The Gentiles were broadcast upon.

VII. (1) The Nation of Israel grew wealthy, and cleared the Syrians from the land, using methods They learned from Adolf Hitler’s War.

VIII. (1) The Nations of the earth grew sick, and their wounds were full of Money. (2) And the Syrians brought Terrorism to the False Church.

IX. (1) And so the False Church renewed the Devastation, but now Israel was wealthy, and in many Nations. (2) And as the Jews’ physical strength had risen by resistance.

X. (1) Jesus Christ Almighty was still denied by Them. (2) In Their vanity They would not look up at the Crucifix.


I. (1) One hundred years after Adolf Hitler had been driven from the Earth Everlasting, two great Nations existed: Russia the Anti-Christ and Amerika of the False Christ. (2) Both brought Devastation upon Israel, yet each employed Jews. (3) Each hated the other; therefore the one Jew hated the other.

II. (1) All people and all places were bound to Russia orAmerika, and all Nations stood against Israel.

III. (1) Amerika and Russia threatened each other over Oil, Money, and Science, but together they helped Syria, and the False Church prospered. (2) Israel was outraged, and with the abandon of pride and envy joined the chorus of War-talk.

IV. (1) Anger turned to Hate, which turned to battles over Oil, Money, and Food. (2) Soon Russia and Amerika were at War, and Death wore new disguises and It had new masks.

V. (1) The Nation of Israel was located between Russia and Amerika, and within Syria.

VI. (1) Adolf Hitler the Evil One and Satan Almighty the Clever One jumped down from Hell to Lead the great armies of Russia and Amerika. (2) They unleashed total War against each other, and against Israel.

VII. (1) They unleashed Rabies, and Cholera, and Tuberculosis, and Malaria, and Cancer.

VIII. (1) They unleashed Rape, and Murder, and Savagery, and Rioting.

IX. (1) Russia and Amerika possessed fantastic weapons of unimaginable destructive power, which killed from Space, or from under the Sea, unseen and unknown. (2) Some Deaths were instant, others took days and days. (3) And all Humans took up the weapons of War, and all commerce was for War.

X. (1) Russia and Amerika took the weapons of Albert Einstein the Chosen One to bring havoc upon themselves.


I. (1) In a great flash of light the Spirit of Matter was unleashed, and the great cities of the North were ruined.

II. (1) In a great flash of light the Spirit of Matter was unleashed, and a part of Russia and its War-machines were ruined.

III. (1) In a great flash of light the Spirit of Matter was unleashed, and a part of Amerika and its War-machines were ruined.

IV. (1) In a great flash of light the Spirit of Matter was unleashed and Japan the Island Monster was ruined.

V. (1) In a great flash of light the Spirit of Matter was unleashed, and the great cities of Chinasia were ruined.

VI. (1) In a great flash of light the Spirit of Matter was unleashed, and the great cities of India were ruined.

VII. (1) In a great flash of light the Spirit of Matter was unleashed, and all ships and flying-machines of the Earth were ruined.

VIII. In a great flash of light the Spirit of Matter was unleashed, and all metal, and all glass, and all plastic, and all ceramic was ruined.

IX. (1) In a great flash of light the Spirit of Matter was unleashed, and the great cities of Israel were ruined.

X. (1) And still the Death and destruction did not stop; and Israel, and Amerika, and Russia became sick with poison air and insanity.


I. (1) Death, Death, Death; a sweeping sea of carnage, a twisted formation of corpses filled with cockroaches and worms; the living Dead, burned and emaciated; Dying dogs and cats, cancerous birds, half-Dead children all lived in the rotten cracks and crevices, eating sewerage and the Dead; Death, filth, poison air, Hate.

II. (1) Millions of Warriors were underground in ventilated concrete crypts, or in Space above, within gigantic orbiting tombs, awaiting their turns; automatic War-machines prowled the starving, stricken Earth; Virus-machines hunted down the human form.

III. (1) The meanest, the hardiest, the fastest, and the luckiest survived. (2) The fastest thief, the Human who shot first, those who hid well, survived. (3) The holder of the greater weapon: cleaner, faster, more accurate, survived.

IV. (1) Adolf Hitler the Evil One and Satan Almighty the Clever One embraced in obscene frenzies, and They laughed at Humanity.

V. (1) Explosions, poison gas clouds, flaming liquids, bacteria, missiles, bullets, awful sound, blinding light, poison air, Death.

VI. (1) Adolf Hitler and Satan Almighty directed the great reserve armies in the tombs and crypts to come forth with Science. (2) Each side was therefore renewed; and their strength was made complete again; and they rebuilt their War-machines. (3) The fever of War turned into Rage, which subsided; and the battles ended for lack of Will, and for the completeness of Death.

VII. (1) Russia and Amerika together looked to Israel for vengeance, and for Oil, and for Money, and for Women. (2) Hitler and Satan brought a horrible Science to bear upon the Gentiles, and upon the impoverished False Church, and upon Israel.

VIII. (1) Hitler and Satan taught Adrian Dreyfuss the Beautiful One to unleash the very Spirit of Anti-Matter. (2) This foul knowledge spread through vanity and treachery, and all the nations possessed a new Science, and a new Death.

IX. (1) Russia and Amerika together closed around Israel in a huge strangling ring. (2) And the few remaining Animals fled from Israel, and the birds flew away, and the trees twisted their branches away from the land.

X. (1) Russia the Anti-Christ and Amerika of the False Christ were a million in number. (2) The Children of Zion formed a circle, with Their children inside of it. (3) Both sides were ready to unleash the Spirit of Anti-Matter, and took aim upon the other.


I. (1) Suddenly there was an awful silence, and all noises were stopped; no wind could be heard, nor heart-beat could be heard, nor breath.

II. (1) The light grew dim, although objects still had a strange radiance, and there were stars visible, although it was noon of the day.

III. (1) And the air became cold, bringing upon Them a sudden chill, although They were surrounded by desert.

IV. (1) And all Warriors, and all children, put Their eyes up to Space.

V. (1) And the clouds scattered away at new speeds, and the Sun was frozen and silent.

VI. (1) From the disc of the frozen Sun a beam of crystal light radiated; and this light touched the Earth. (2) The thickness of the beam of light was a mile, and within it was ferocious smoke.

VII. And within the glass shaft there was visible a Human-like form, gigantic and sparkling; and within that form stars were created and destroyed and incredible lightning of every color occurred.

IX. (1) And when the rain of glass ended, All looked back up towards Heaven, and suddenly Their breath was pulled out. (2) They saw the form of Jesus Christ Almighty, walking among Them for the Second Time.


I. (1) Satan Almighty the Clever One, Lord of Darkness, and Adolf Hitler the Evil One, Lord of Death, stood as forgotten Leaders, and the Fallen Ones gazed knowingly at their Brother Jesus Christ Almighty.

II. (1) Jesus Christ spoke Words to His Brothers which had never before been heard on the Earth Everlasting, and Hitler and Satan turned and ran away, and They were soon out of sight.

III. (1) The glass became as water upon the Earth Everlasting, and then became as ice.

IV. (1) And He was beautiful, and He was magnificent, and He sent out waves of joy, and waves of sorrow, and waves of dreamy innocence. (2) His face was swept by the four winds, and His eyes shone like the four fires. (3) He was wrapped in a fabulous blood-stained white robe, the fluttering ends of which trailed off into silvery-lined storm-clouds.

V. (1) The Children of Zion looked upon Jesus Christ, shouting He is here, Our King but Their Words flew away.

VI. (1) Jesus Christ looked to the army of Russia and Amerika.

VII. (1) A terrible, final battle occurred on the Earth Everlasting. (2) Soon only seven Gentiles and six Jews remained alive. (3) Four Gentiles slew four of the Jews with much violence in the final four acts of Murder. (4) All survivors became Judeo-gentiles.

VIII. (1) They stood in the awful clarity of the noontime starlight, Jesus Christ dazzling before Them. (2) Four of Them were men, and five of Them were Women, and they were the fastest, and the strongest, and the most beautiful.

IX. (1) Jesus Christ Almighty took the hand of the first Woman, and She stepped forward. (2) Her name was Beauty overwhelming the Universe. (3) They stood side by side in Love; and the others were filled with joy, and with the heat of wisdom, and with the fire of Love.

X. (1) Jesus Christ commanded the Spirits of Matter and Anti-Matter to Witness the First Resurrection.


I. (1) The clouds returned, and a cold rain came upon the Earth Everlasting.

II. (1) The graves within the Earth Everlasting were opened, and were filled with rainwater.

III. (1) The Dead floated upwards, each appearing as if {They} had been in the grave for three days.

IV. (1) {They} reached inside {Their} Bodies and pulled out {Their} hearts.

V. (1) Suddenly the rain stopped, and the air burned with an intense purple fire, and smelled of lavender.

VI. (1) The Dead rose and walked towards Jesus Christ Almighty, offering Him {Their} hearts.

VII. (1) Jesus Christ took the first heart, and there was a diamond within it. (2) he kissed it with His blood, and sent it into Heaven.

VIII. (1) Jesus Christ took the second heart, and there was a ruby within it. (2) He sent it into Nothingness.

IX. (1) Each heart was judged by its jewel.

X. (1) Before Jesus Christ and his bride left the Earth Everlasting, He delivered His Sermon of the Apocalypse.


I. (1) Do You have voices to speak of victory, You who are no more?

II. (1) As I promised You, the Life of your Nation was made great, and You prospered. (2) But You forgot Me, and You turned My Words over to chroniclers. (3) And so You were cursed with the Devastation.

III. (1) And Your sorrow fell like red venom over the Earth Everlasting. (2) The other nations drank the venom, and they hated You.

IV. (1) But always I saved you from the Fire.

V. (1) I Died for You; You have Died for Me.

VI. (1) I allow the Eagle, the Tiger, and the Human to become like Me, if They can.

VII. (1) If not, then know this is the farthest land: Adolf Hitler and Satan Almighty have joined hands, to triumph together over bird, beast, and Human.

VIII. (1) Other Angels will be cast out of Heaven as Evil evolves towards ultimate Perfection.

IX. (1) Evil will call itself Love, and seek a final accounting of the lord God Almighty. (2) Evil will call itself Hate, and lead the armies of the Earth Everlasting against Heaven.

X. (1) And I will return to the Earth Everlasting again, as the King of the {New Order}.